Sprout offers several volunteer opportunities throughout the year ranging from serving on advisory committees, to helping plan and strike events, to providing assistance to our funded projects.

Each of Sprout’s funding programs are governed by a program advisory committee composed of community members who are interested in helping Sprout review applications and making funding recommendations.

When Sprout hosts special events, we often call on our friends and neighbors to volunteer their time, energy, and creativity to help design, produce, promote, and host some of Pittsburgh’s favorite parties and conferences.

Many of our funded projects benefit from technical and professional assistance. Lawyers, accountants, promoters, designers, and consultants of all stripes are encouraged to contact Sprout about offering their services.

To learn more about current volunteer opportunities or to offer your services and expertise to one of Sprout’s supported projects, please contact volunteer@nullsproutfund.org or call 412-325-0646.


The Sprout Fund’s Mentorship Program offers customized guidance and support to meet the needs of small project managers by bringing together new projects with mentors drawn from the community. Mentorship cultivates leadership potential in project managers thereby increasing the likelihood for the success and, where appropriate, longevity of their projects. The goal of mentorship is to enhance the quality of project activities, protect investments in the community, and build the capacity of project managers.

Sprout Mentorship Mission: Together, mentors and project managers work toward achieving project goals. In the spirit of community collaboration and in keeping with The Sprout Fund’s mission of promoting civic engagement at all levels, Mentorship broadens community connections, strengthens support networks and enriches the culture of innovation in Pittsburgh.

The Sprout Fund’s mentorship network includes Advisory Committee members, past project managers and dedicated community members. By connecting with mentors of diverse backgrounds and experiences, project managers gain access to leadership development opportunities, implementation assistance, and connections to a diverse network of professional resources in Pittsburgh.

Mentors engage in activities that are most appropriate to each particular project’s needs. The menu of services available to projects will include one-to-one get-togethers, workshops for groups on specific topic areas, casual networking and facilitated meetings with projects, mentors and Sprout staff members.

To learn more about mentoring one of Sprout’s supported projects, please contact mac@nullsproutfund.org or call 412.325.0646