Apply for a One Northside Innovation Grant

One Northside Innovation Grants

One Northside Innovation Grants support the development and implementation of projects that respond to local opportunities and advance the quality of place, education, or employment on the Northside. One Northside Innovation Grants are intended to catalyze creative approaches to the One Northside focus areas by providing support for new, small-scale project ideas from individuals, nonprofits, collaborative teams, and scaled-up Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects that were successful implementing their ideas from 2015. For this one-time opportunity, grants are available up to $5,000.

Deadline and Decisionmaking

The application deadline closed at 5:00pm on Monday, July 18, 2016. Decisions will be announced in early September. Decisions on applications will be endorsed by a community advisory committee composed of Northside grassroots leaders, experienced former project managers, and veterans of the One Northside community conversations.

One Northside Innovation Grant Project Criteria

Although each supported project will necessarily be unique to its context and target community, grants will generally be made to support initiatives that exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Creative & Innovative: supports inventive solutions and imaginative approaches to creating a better community for all Northside residents.
  • Collaborative & Cooperative: works with multidisciplinary teams in mutual support of the shared agenda for progress on the Northside.
  • Equitable, Accessible & Open: promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion and demonstrates broad community support for the proposed approach.
  • Engaging & Participatory: connects to communities through deep engagement with the public.
  • Experimental, Catalytic & Transformative: tests promising new ideas through development and implementation of pilot programs that exist outside of traditional avenues of grant support.
  • Relevant & Impactful: offers positive, grassroots experiences attuned to the current challenges and opportunities in Northside communities.
  • Local & Personal: fosters a greater sense shared identity for the Northside as a whole or within a neighborhood; promotes a unique approach that is in keeping with the personality of the community.

In general, prospective applicants are encouraged to use this opportunity to raise awareness about innovative new Northside projects, events, and activities; engage Northside residents in taking an active role in the civic life of their community; and provide opportunities for motivated community members to assume leadership roles in the ongoing transformation of the Northside.