Apply for a One Northside Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grant

Prior to starting your application, download the application questions and required attachments using the links below. Review the materials and prepare your responses as a word document before starting the online form. The project petition, pledge form, and optional letters of support can be scanned, hand-delivered, or mailed to complete your submission. 2016 Neighbor-to-Neighbor project activities must begin in 2016 and conclude by April 30, 2017.

Deadlines and Decisionmaking

The application period for 2016 is closed. Check back in early 2017 for new opportunities.

Application Questions and Instructions

Download a copy of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor grant application questions as a .doc file>>

Download a copy of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor grant application questions as a .pdf file>>

Forms & Templates for Attachments

Applicants must provide the following information to show evidence of community support for their project. Submit attachments using Sprout’s templates as uploads using the online form, by postal mail, or in person.

Project Petition

The Project Petition demonstrates that you have connected with community members and neighbors to build awareness of your project. Download .pdf

Pledge Form

The Pledge Form will show that your project has gathered donations of volunteer time or services, in-kind support, and/or financial pledges. Download .pdf

Letters of Support (Optional)

A formal letter in support of your project can help demonstrate that neighborhood organizations, business owners, residents, and community leaders are willing to stand behind your efforts. Up to 3 letters can be accepted, but are not required. Download .doc

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project Criteria

Although each supported project will necessarily be unique to its context and target community, grants will generally be made to support initiatives that exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Creative & Innovative: supports inventive solutions and imaginative approaches to creating a better community for all Northside residents.
  • Collaborative & Cooperative: works with multidisciplinary teams in mutual support of the shared agenda for progress on the Northside.
  • Equitable, Accessible & Open: promotes diversity and inclusion and demonstrates broad community support for the proposed approach.
  • Engaging & Participatory: connects to communities through deep engagement with the public.
  • Experimental, Catalytic & Transformative: tests promising new ideas through development and implementation of pilot programs that exist outside of traditional avenues of grant support.
  • Relevant & Impactful: offers positive, grassroots experiences attuned to the current challenges and opportunities in Northside communities.
  • Local & Personal: fosters a greater sense shared identity for the Northside as a whole or within a neighborhood; promotes a unique approach that is in keeping with the personality of the community.

In general, prospective applicants are encouraged to use this opportunity to raise awareness about innovative new Northside projects, events, and activities; engage Northside residents in taking an active role in the civic life of their community; and provide opportunities for motivated community members to assume leadership roles in the ongoing transformation of the Northside.

One Northside grants are subject to Sprout’s standard eligibility criteria, with some exceptions for timing. View eligibility guidelines here >>

About Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants of up to $1,000 continue to provide funding for very small-scale community projects with broad citizen support. First-time applicants, as well as previous grantees and new collaborative groups, will demonstrate their local support through neighborhood resident petitions, letters from community groups, and small financial or in-kind pledges. Projects may be one-time events, ongoing initiatives, or urgent innovations, and will be led by previous Neighbor-to-Neighbor grantees, newcomers to the program, and creative collaborations among previously-supported project team members.

In 2015, 48 small-scale community projects were supported on Pittsburgh’s Northside through Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants of up to $1,000. See the full list of 2015 Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants>>