LRNG References


  1. Mozilla Wiki Badges FAQ: Concise answers to a comprehensive list of questions related to badges, as part of the larger wiki of original thinking on the use of Open Badges.
  2. Open Badges for Lifelong Learning: White paper that includes the different components of badge ecosystem contextualized using different user scenarios.
  3. Digital Badge Design Principles for Recognizing Learning: Details a set of nine design principles to consider when designing badges.
  4. Design Principles for Assessing Learning with Digital Badges: Details ten principles for designing assessment linked to badges


  1. Discovering Pathways Through Connected Learning: Different perspectives on what pathways are and how they connect informal and formal learning.
  2. Learning Pathways: Descriptive or Prescriptive: Discusses the different types of learning pathways and the pros and cons of each.
  3. What is a Learning Pathway: Details what makes up a learning pathway and provides an example.
  4. Learning Pathways: Conversation on the opportunities provided to all learners by designing flexible pathways.

Learning Experiences

  1. What is Backwards Design, Chapter One of Understanding by Design: Provides a detailed overview of the backwards design process and guidelines for how to move through the process.
  2. Create a Hub of Connected Learning: Provides a clear explanation of different elements of Connected Learning, including spheres of learning, core properties, and design principles.
  3. Articulate Your Learning Outcomes: Strategies for writing and implementing effective learning outcomes from Carnegie Mellon University’s Eberly Center for Teaching for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation.