How It Works

Search for Things to Do

Use the Explore page to search a database full of things to learn, do, make, and create– either online or in the community.

Connect to a Citywide Campus

Your search connects you to learning opportunities online and at dozens of community partners. Libraries, museums, parks and other local institutions become one seamless City of Learning network.

Earn Badges

When you acquire knowledge, cultivate skills, and develop habits, you may be eligible to earn a digital badge. Collect your acquired badges in a secure online “backpack” and share them with family and friends, teachers, and potential employers.

Level Up

Each time a badge is earned, you will receive suggestions for other programs and activities you may be interested in. You can “level up” to broaden or deepen your new knowledge and skills.

Discover Learning Pathways

Through badges, you can link one learning opportunity to the next—a class at a museum, for example, followed by a challenge online. In this way, you can create a learning pathway unique to you.

Connect to College and Career

Some colleges and employers now accept badges as markers of achievement. As badges become more widely used, you may be able to use them as access to college and career success.