For Families

Find Things for Your Kids To Do

Pittsburgh City of Learning helps you find activities for your kids to do that fit their interests.

Chances are that no matter what your children might be interested in, there is a program in Pittsburgh ready to help them dig deeper.

Use the Explore page to easily sort through the many great opportunities that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Discover Personalized Learning Pathways

Pittsburgh City of Learning helps young people connect their interests to relevant real-world opportunities so they can find fields of study, career paths, and college degrees that are personally engaging and rewarding.

By supporting Connected Learning experiences, Pittsburgh is becoming a living learning campus—a place where young people can move seamlessly from the classroom to the community as they dig deeper into the things that matter most to them.

Recognize New Skills & Competencies

To be sure that their learning achievements have a lasting impact, youth must be able to make their new skills and knowledge visible in a real and useful way.

That’s why Pittsburgh City of Learning uses digital badges to capture and recognize learning achievements wherever and however they happen.

Like a badge earned in scouting, a digital badge recognizes and celebrates mastery of a new skill. But digital badges can do so much more.

Digital badges safely store in-depth information about skills and competencies. A few clicks can reveal where the learning took place, what skills were achieved, examples of creative work, and more.

This innovative approach to recognizing achievements will enable Pittsburgh’s youth to unlock opportunities – new programs, special events, internships, even jobs – and eventually “count” towards school requirements and college admissions.

Learn more about how it works.