The One Northside Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants program catalyzes innovative community projects and creates opportunities to engage residents and contribute to the One Northside vision. Through support from The Buhl Foundation, grants of up to $1,000 are offered to provide immediate support for small-scale community projects with broad resident support on Pittsburgh’s Northside.

After a thorough review, The Sprout Fund is pleased to announce the second round of new projects for 2017, 15 projects that will receive $1,000 Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants. As part of their proposals, applicants wrote the headlines that appear below as examples of what the news will say at the successful conclusion of their projects.

These latest projects join 13 others supported in June, bringing the total number of 2017 Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects to 29 on our way to a goal of supporting 45 resident-led projects on the Northside this summer.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects supported in July 2017

Beautification and Celebration of Arch Court Senior Program

“Neighbors come together to celebrate new street-scaping and courtyard garden enhancements!”

Audrey Woods’ Quality of Place project in Central Northside engages seniors at Arch Court and their neighbors in street-scaping workshops. Artists will design outdoor low relief concrete planters for the seasonal plantings in the courtyard garden and street-scape. Community volunteers will help to fabricate and install the relief sculptures and a community-wide celebration will showcase the project activities while raising awareness about senior living at Arch Court.

Brighton Heights Block Party

“Brighton Heights residents come together to celebrate their community with a Block Party.”

Richard Weiss’ Quality of Place project in Brighton Heights, a project of Emmanuel Christian Church, encourages positive community interaction in order to help bridge the divide within the neighborhood. Building on past community events, the Block Party will showcase local music groups, businesses, and organizations through a family-friendly event that encourages all residents from Brighton Heights to take part.

Family Legacy Award

“Thinking Positive About Families On The North-Side”

Eleanor Williams’ Quality of Education project for Allegheny Center, Central Northside, Perry North / Observatory Hill, and Perry Hilltop / Perry South, a project of North Side Partnership Project, recognizes the achievement of a Northside family that excels in academics, sports, and performing arts. The second annual event will use a dinner to recognize the selected family, promoting their positive activities in the community and highlighting them as role models for local youth.

Goats on the Hilltop

“Friendly herd of goats sets the stage for new community connectivity projects.”

Gavin Deming’s Quality of Place project in Fineview and Perry Hilltop / Perry South, a project of Goats on the Hills, brings goats to lots infested with knotweed to help improve the façade and help make maintanence easier going forward. The selected lots will help create a nature path connecting Fineview Playground and continue improving the area where a new welcome sign is being installed at the entrance of the Perry Hilltop and Fineview neighborhoods.

Grazin in the Grass (Old Northview Heights Reunion)

“’Grazin in the Grass’… The Old Northview Heights Tradition Returns”

Bill and Kim Gandy’s Quality of Place project for Northview Heights, a project of Allegheny City Historic Gallery, brings back the tradition of an annual Northview Heights neighborhood festival featuring food, live music, and the promotion of peace in the community. This year’s event will take place at Riverview Park and will additionally include a candlelight vigil for former residents whom have passed.

Halloween in the Park

“Halloween Returns to Troy Hill: The Spirits of Past Haunts Bring New Life to Residents”

Holly Coleman’s Quality of Place project in Troy Hill, a project of Troy Hill Citizens, provides a safe place for youth to trick or treat and encourages other community members to participate by handing out treats, helping to decorate, working the refreshment/grill station, and enjoying the Halloween-themed movies and music. Hygiene packs will also be distributed by Troy Hill Citizens and children will have the opportunity to win educational items in a raffle.

Helping Kids Dream Big!

“Beyond neighborhood walls: How one community helps kids dream big!”

Betty Davis’ Quality of Education project for Northview Heights and Perry Hilltop / Perry South partners with Tickets for Kids to enable low-income youth to attend cultural and sporting events. Local organizations help to identify the youth participants and volunteers work to provide transportation to and from the events in addition to providing snacks and t-shirts for the children.

It takes a village to raise a child – Saving Our Sons and Daughters

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

Cecelia Ware’s Quality of Education project for Brighton Heights, California-Kirkbride, and Marshall-Shadeland, a project of Infinite Lifestyle Solutions, works with youth at John Morrow Elementary School who have had multiple suspensions or explusions. The 8-week program addresses ongoing issues of youth violence and lack of respect for authority by teaching critical thinking skills to help resolve conflict. The project will additionally have 4 parent workshops that focus on positive parenting skills and building relationships with school admistration.

Manchester Native Plant Garden at Shelby’s Corner

“Truly the Manchester neighborhood gets a better quality of life due to a N-2-N quality of place grant!”

Betsy Coleman’s Quality of Place project in Manchester, a project of Friends of Shelby’s Corner, brings neighbors together through planting and caring for plants and trees at Shelby’s Corner. Monthly work days and volunteer appreciation events encourage residents to help tend to the garden space, get to know each other, and collect donations from local businesses. Friends of Shelby’s Corner will also be working to improve positive public relations for the neighborhood through community events at the garden.

Mortgage for Men

“Northside is the #1 Safest Community to Live In Due to the Sudden Influx of Homeownership”

Fred Smith’s Quality of Place project for the Fineview, Perry Hilltop / Perry South, and Troy Hill encourages Northsiders to invest in their community through homeownership. The homeownership workshops will feature a mortgage representative and a financial manager to help potential first-time homebuyers learn about the process and various resources that are available to them. The workshops will additionally showcase the value in homeownership along with information on maintaining property.

Northside’s Got Talent

“The Performing Arts Promote Mutual Respect”

Theodora Cotten’s Quality of Education project for Brighton Heights, Perry North / Observatory Hill, and Perry Hilltop / Perry South, a project of Greater Allen Performing Arts Center, introduces Northside youth to performance art through voice, piano, and group dance summer classes. The program works to overcome neighborhood strife by bringing youth together through the arts and a celebratory event where school supplies will be distributed.

P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Annual Gathering for Loss Loved Ones – Stop the Violence

“PROMISE GROUP once again was able to successfully reach the community and help victims that lost loved ones by remembering and sharing there experience.”

Ebony Hubbard’s Quality of Place project in Central Northside, a project of the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Group, is an event that enables Northsiders to speak out about youth violence and conflict resolution. Positive speakers inspire attendees to work together along with law enforcement to make the community safer. Those who have lost loves ones to violence will also share their stories as a way to remember them and encourage others that there are better ways to resolve conflict than violence.

Steps in Flux

“Steps in Flux: New Fineview Steps Mural Inspires Mental, Physical and Artisitc Acuity”

Brigette Davitt’s Quality of Place project in Fineview transforms the Fineview-Briggs Avenue steps into a visual experience through color, shape, and typography. Using forced perspective, the steps will be painted to create a typographic puzzle that is simultaneously visible as an abstract mural. Additionally, solar lighting will be used to make the steps safer at night and the adjacent picnic area cleaned up, with native plants used to landscape the area surrounding the steps.

Summer Hill Entrance Sign

“Summer Hill emerges from the shadows with eye-catching, mosaic welcome”

Georgiann Lucas’ Quality of Place project in Summer Hill, a project of Summer Hill Citizens Committee, brings together residents to create a welcome sign for the neighborhood. A local mosaic artist will design the sign and lead two workshops to teach residents how to make and glaze mosaic tiles. The community will also assist with the assembly of the mosaic and maintain the site where it is installed, which is highly visible to not only residents but also commuters passing by the neighborhood entrance.

Video promoting positive things about Northside

“Filmmaker features local Northside attractions”
William Gandy’s Quality of Place project for Central Northside, Allegheny Center, Allegheny West, East Allegheny / Deutschtown, and Manchester creates a video showcasing businesses and residents on the Northside. This documentary-style video will promote the Northside as a safe and authentic group of neighborhoods with lots to offer for families from the perspective of a Northside resident.