As part of our ongoing partnership with the Buhl Foundation to advance the One Northside vision, Sprout has been supporting small-scale, catalytic grants to help residents and community members in Pittsburgh’s Northside take the lead in their community.

One Northside Innovation Grants offer $5,000 to support the development and implementation of projects that respond to local opportunities and advance the quality of place, education, or employment on the Northside. These grants fuel the capabilities of the Northside’s most innovative community members and provide an immediate outlet for the energy and enthusiasm that has been built during the One Northside visioning process.

Today we’re pleased to announce funding recommendations for six One Northside Innovation Grants to support promising new approaches to enhancing the quality of life for all and revitalizing the Northside community as a whole.

Brighton Woods Greenway

A quality of place project from Hollow Oak Land Trust that will formalize the woodland trail system connecting Brighton Heights to Riverview Park in Woods Run/Brightwood. The trail system will serve as an extension of Riverview Park, increasing its trail system by over 10%. The project proposes a collaborative approach, makes connections between multiple neighborhoods, and is an expansion of a Neighbor-to-Neighbor project. The project also proposes significant Northside community involvement through the use of community volunteers.

Mosaic Mural Welcome to Perry Hilltop and Fineview

A quality of place project from Perry Hilltop Citizens, Fineview Citizens, and The Pittsburgh Project that will create a mosaic mural art gateway into the Perry Hilltop and Fineview neighborhoods. The mosaic’s design and tiles will be created by high school students at The Pittsburgh Project, who will conduct historic research and interview community members with support from the Allegheny City Society in order to inform the content of the mural. The project proposes a collaborative approach with intergenerational outreach that will inform the public art aspects of the project.

Northview Heights Women’s Writers Group

A quality of place project from Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center to expand the creative writing/performance program for women in Northview Heights. The group has been working with Hudson Rush, the program’s teaching artist, for the past year and would like to build upon the momentum in order to broaden participation and expand project collaborations. The project proposes to bring to scale a program that was successfully piloted over the past year with women in Northview Heights. A Neighbor-to-Neighbor grant has also been received by Hudson Rush for a small documentary video about the group.

Observatory Hill’s Bonvue Hops Yard

A quality of place project from Observatory Hill, Inc. that will transform two vacant lots on Bonvue Street in Observatory Hill into hops production farms that will sell hops to new Northside craft beer breweries. Neighborhood volunteers will help with planting, maintenance, and harvesting activities, which will be coordinated by Barley and Bines, an organization focused on transforming vacant land through community hops farming. The project proposes to address the vacant lot and rainwater runoff issues in this Northside neighborhood while utilizing community volunteers, collaborating with local businesses, and piloting a sustainable social enterprise.

Pantry Produce Tent

A quality of place project from Northside Common Ministries on Brighton Road that will construct a tented structure where fresh produce will be distributed to Northside residents. The tent will be located at Northside Common Ministries on a year-round basis, serving as a distribution site for Farm CSA programs and free produce five days a week that is staffed by community volunteers. The project proposes to address the issue of the Northside being a food desert while also engaging community volunteers to help distribute the food.

SAFE to LEARN: A Community Partnership for Quality Classroom Environments

A quality of education project from His Place in Spring Hill. The project will address the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) of physical and emotional abuse in the form of bullying at Spring Hill Elementary by implementing weekly bullying prevention workshops with the entire student body and staff. The project will additionally engage the Spring Hill community through pledge forms, community rallies, and window decals with the shared vision. The project proposes a new addition to Spring Hill Elementary social and emotional learning programming, and expands His Place outreach to include a public school in the Spring Hill neighborhood.

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