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Grand Ideas are those thoughts that keep you up at night. But the good ones. The ones that you’re pretty sure could become something amazing.

The Sprout Fund thinks those ideas are worth something. How about $1,000 to start with? We’re offering a special round of $1,000 micro grants to help your Grand Ideas get off the ground.

Since our first Grand Ideas funding round in 2013, we’ve seen people use their grant to host creative writing workshops, start up a neighborhood night market, teach beekeeping classes, open up a bicycle repair co-op, and launch a campaign to support black-owned businesses.

We’ve put together a little list of some of the Grand Ideas we supported in 2015 so you can see how far Pittsburghers have made that $1,000 go. Check them out and get inspired. Then, submit your Grand Idea by Friday, September 16, 2016.

Go to sproutfund.org/grandideas to get started.


Pizza Poems PGH

Students from Pittsburgh Milliones University Prep (UPrep) celebrated National Poetry Month in April by writing poetry inspired by or in celebration of pizza. They then screen-printed the poems and accompanying artwork onto the pizza boxes which were distributed at Spak Brothers Pizza during Unblurred and at a UPrep event. The project served as a way to not only promote poetry but for the students to actively engage with their community through an accessible medium: pizza.






Community Pride Day

Through the Community Pride Day project, the South Hilltop Men’s Group led volunteers in a community clean-up day in Beltzhoover. Neighbors ranging in age from 8 to 78 years old worked together to clear entire lots being used as illegal dump sites that required approval from the City to access. By improving the neighborhood environment through active community engagement, the project worked to instill pride in residents of ages in Beltzhoover.


Fantasy Black Draft

The Fantasy Black Draft was a pseudo-sports draft event during which the top 50 Black former Pittsburghers nominated through social media were presented as candidates to return to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh leaders and stakeholders then selected their top draftees based on professional experience in the technology, education, medical, financial development, and public policy sectors. The event served as a precursor to a larger project called The Black Draft, connecting 5 former and 5 current Black Pittsburghers with local stakeholders while also engaging the community in discussion around the effect of progress on Pittsburgh’s Black population.


Mon Valley Way Finding Project

The Mon Valley Way Finding Project is helping residents of Braddock, North Braddock, and Swissvale come together around the history of their region. Through historical records and community input, signs for each of the communities are being designed to reflect both what the region was along with the continued vitality that can be seen today by featuring quotes and images of local participants. This pilot project aims to strengthen connections with the community in order to build support for a larger version of the project in the future.

If you think you’ve got an idea that could be grand, go to sproutfund.org/grandideas and get started on your grant request.

And don’t forget to join us at the Grand Ideas Happy Hour at Bayardstown Social Club on Monday, August 22nd at 5:30pm.