The One Northside Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants program catalyzes innovative community projects and creates opportunities to engage citizens and contribute to the One Northside vision. Through support from The Buhl Foundation, grants of up to $1,000 are offered to provide immediate support for small-scale community projects with broad citizen support on Pittsburgh’s Northside.

After a thorough review, The Sprout Fund is pleased to announce the second round of new projects for 2016, 18 projects that will receive $1,000 Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants. As part of their proposals, applicants wrote the headlines that appear below as examples of what the news will say at the successful conclusion of their projects.

#InvolveNorthside Community Conversations

“Innovative Community Currency Helps to bridge Gaps in Northside Neighborhood”

Kenny Chen’s Community of Place project for multiple Northside neighborhoods hopes to bring communities closer together by offering a way for business, nonprofits, and volunteers to work together to create digital content and accomplish mutual goals. The project will record and promote interviews with Northside business owners and nonprofit leaders around the Northside in order to get people more involved in the community and to get to know new businesses and organizations.


Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition

“Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition – Celebrating 50 years of rebuilding the smallest neighborhood in Pittsburgh”

Doris Short’s Quality of Education project for Allegheny West will be a celebration of Allegheny West Civic Council’s 50th anniversary, focusing on the struggles and successes over the past 50 years and helping to find solutions for future improvements in Allegheny West. The timeline will inform, entertain, and help current residents gain a stronger understanding of the storied history of Allegheny West.


Angels’ Place Community Meals

“Northside Families Break Bread Together in Celebration of Family, Community and Love”

CJ Strauss’ Quality of Education project for Perry Hilltop / Perry South provides children at Angels’ Place and their families with three community meals. These meals are meant to strengthen the bond between two generations of parent and child, which has been noted as a critical component of a child’s development and will help aide the young parents in attaining stability and independence.


The Banjo Club (documentary)

“Local documentary puts a spotlight on The Pittsburgh Banjo Club”

William Gandy’s Quality of Place project for the Central Northside will spotlight The Banjo Club, a local organization that comes together every month to celebrate the community and the banjo. The documentary will highlight the variety of opportunities and experiences available on the Northside, and promote a positive image of the Northside on social media.


Baytree Community Garden

“Abandoned Vacant Lots Transformed into Beautiful Gathering Place”

Leslee Schaffer’s Quality of Place project for Perry North / Observatory Hill transforms an overgrown vacant lot, which has begun serving as a neighborhood gathering spot, into a community garden. The project will add raised garden beds to grow fresh vegetables for a local food bank


CCAC Allegheny Campus Food Pantry

“CCAC, Allegheny Campus now offers a Food Pantry to Students in need”

Jane Greenwood’s Quality of Place project for the Allegheny West provides qualifying students of the Community College of Allegheny with groceries once a month along with information on food assistance programs designed to reduce hunger and improve college retention. CCAC students will provide volunteer support to pack and sort the groceries, however only CCAC staff will interact with students receiving the groceries in order to be sensitive to the dignity of the students and lessen the stigma around participating in the program.


Cedar Market Exchange: A Broadcasting Experience

Lauren Stauffer’s Quality of Place project for East Allegheny/Deutschtown and Allegheny West aims to highlight Northside commerce and promote local businesses as community partners. Curated interviews will target around 40 small business owners, community leaders, and volunteers involved in related community projects. The interviews will be centered around exploring community commerce and will include relevant One Northside projects.


Dream Dancers

“Dream Dancers – Transforming Lives through the Art of Dance”

Sakeenah Johnson’s Quality of Place project for multiple Northside neighborhoods supports the costumes for a dance competition. The Dream Dancers provides children with a safe environment to avoid violence, learn social skills, and most importantly, learn to love and appreciate dance


East Deutschtown Community Orchard

“New Community Orchard Offers Fresh Produce for Local Residents in East Deutschtown”

Charles Triechler’s Quality of Place project for East Allegheny / Deutschtown provides inviting, shaded green-space and access to locally produced fruit to the residents of the East Deutschtown Neighborhood. The project additionally provides opportunities for local residents and youth to learn about planting, pruning, and caring for fruit trees.


Food City Sustainability – Equipment Purchase

“With the help of the Sprout Fund, Food City, a community garden located in East Deutschtown neighborhood of the North Side, acquires the equipment necessary to ensure sustainability for years to come”

Madison Nestor’s Quality of Place project for East Allegheny / Deutschtown is looking expands the functionality of the Garden at Food City with improved equipment. By purchasing the equipment and tools, the garden works to become self-sustainable for years to come.


Hope for the Homeless

Charles Chapman’s Quality of Place project for multiple Northside Districts is comprised of three events to engage the community around the topic of homelessness. The events include a community forum with information on how to best care for and serve the homeless; an outreach event to pass out clothes and food to over 500 individuals and families; and a conference for homeless service professionals to share best practices for engaging the community in helping the homeless.


Metamorphosis – She’s Got Her Wings

“A Riveting Monologue show takes audience on emotional creative journey through the transformative lives of 7 amazing women”

Ayeshah Bull’s Quality of Place project for multiple Northside neighborhoods is a performance arts project geared towards creating a space for women of color on the Northside. The project aims to creatively share the womens’ stories in order to encourage and empower women that are silently suffering. The performance will offer hope to other women in the audience who may be currently experiencing or have experienced similar situations and may see Creative Arts as a space to heal.


Pittsburgh Truing Stand

Aryn Gaslowitz and Alison Keating’s Quality of Employment project teaches bicycle mechanic skills to young women on the Northside. The program will help the young women become familiar with the mechanical tools, processes, and principles related to bicycle repair by building a bicycle. By having these skills, they will be able to repair bicycles at a level that enables them to seek employment at bike repair shops in addition to repairing bicycles for their family and friends.


Puppets at the Party

“Giant Puppets delight neighbors all over the Northside”

Cheryl Capezzuti’s Quality of Place project for multiple Northside neighborhoods provides puppet entertainment at Northside neighborhood events. The project will also stage surprise “puppet parades” in Northside neighborhoods that have never hosted the puppets for their neighborhood events.


Recipes for Success for Hungry Minds

Lisa Freeman and Wallace Sapp’s Quality of Education project to improve math skills and parent involvement for students who are performing poorly in school. The project will add a “who ate my math homework” cooking component to the Math Doctors class for 3rd grade students at Pittsburgh Manchester PreK-8. The students will receive the book Recipes for Hungry Minds and make recipes on a bi-weekly basis as a way to incorporate family involvement into their learning. There will additionally be monthly engagements for the students and their families and supporters.


Sons & Daughters of Sons & Daughters

“A Source of Change in the Community”

Debra Green’s Quality of Place Project for Perry North / Observatory Hill is a citizen-led effort to provide basic needs for her neighbors, such as food, school supplies, and clothing. Debra began helping her neighbors by using her own already scarce resources, and now will expand her giving and actions for change in partnership with One Northside.


Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Behavior Intervention in Morrow Elementary School

“Kids learn to SNAP out of Trouble”

Dee Dee Giovanazzi’s Quality of Education project for Brighton Heights brings awareness to parents about the benefits of the incoming SNAP program at John Morrow Elementary. SNAP is an evidence-based program that teaches children to use coping skills to avoid trouble and control their behavior. Events such as luncheons, parent meet and greets, and parent-teacher nights will provide information about the program coming into the school, parents’ role, and how to make additional referrals throughout the Northside community.


Youth Collaboration

Angel Gober’s Quality of Education project on behalf of Brightwood Civic Group continues and expands a violence prevention program for youth in Marshall-Shadeland. Through the program, youth discuss topics such as poverty, food desserts, resource scarcity, and divestment in order to help them understand the root causes of issues in the community so that they can be empowered to work toward a better vision for the future.