Residents of Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhoods used support from The Sprout Fund to improve their communities. You can help us support more creative agitators with a tax-deductible donation to The Sprout Fund.

Pittsburgh’s Northside is made up of 18 neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and distinct opportunities and challenges. Led by The Buhl Foundation, One Northside is a multi-year initiative to engage all Northsiders in a collective effort to improve the quality of life in their community.

In support of One Northside in 2015, The Sprout Fund catalyzed 48 community-based Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects led by Northside neighborhood residents. Project leaders gathered more than 1,200 signatures of support from their neighbors and activated hundreds of volunteers to commit thousands of hours to their communities.

The main challenge is to tear down the walls that divide the neighborhoods…we want it to be one Northside.” – English Burton, Northside Old Timers

With activities ranging from repairing city steps, planting trees, and starting community gardens to beekeeping lessons, parenting workshops, and job readiness coaching, each project added to the critical mass of positive change emerging on the Northside.

Receptive to the ideas that represent the many varied interests of Northside communities, Sprout supported a constellation of projects covering a diverse array of issues, activities, organizations, and geographies of the Northside.

Here are just a few of the ways Northsiders took action this year:

 Deutschtown Steps Mosaic:Artist Linda Wallen engaged hundreds of community members throughout the Northside in the creation of a mosaic sculpture installed on a high-traffic set of city steps connecting the neighborhoods of Deutschtown and Spring Hill.
 Getting There: Sisters Chandler and Brett Searcy, both students at Pittsburgh Obama High School, led an advocacy campaign calling for improved infrastructure and reconsideration of the schoolday schedule for students who have to traverse unsafe routes in the early morning hours just to make it to school each day.
 Manchester Math, Mud & More: Lisa Freeman led an 8-week summer camp for 25 students from Pittsburgh Manchester K-8, combining math tutoring with healthy outdoor activities in the Manchester Growing Together Garden.
 Northside Summer Water Polo: David Schulenburg and Mark Rauterkus led summer-long swimming and water polo lessons for Northsiders of all ages at Citiparks’ Sue Murray Swim Pool.
Each Neighbor-to-Neighbor project received a $1,000 micro-grant from The Sprout Fund to engage their neighbors in improving the quality of place, education, and employment on Pittsburgh’s Northside.

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