What would you do for your community with a thousand dollars? Would you gather your neighbors to fix up bikes and get people riding? Open a pop-up shop to draw attention to an important issue? How about using recycled materials to brighten up the Pittsburgh winter? Or creating an informal craft and social justice learning community? Those are just a few of the projects that we have funded over the years with our $1,000 grants.

Now it’s your turn to do a lot with just a little. We’ve got an entire round of $1,000 grants to award, so apply with your Grand Idea by Friday, December 4th. We are looking for organizations and individuals who will use this opportunity to create projects that raise awareness about innovative new community projects, events, and activities; engage people in taking an active role in the civic life of their community; and provide opportunities for motivated community members to assume leadership roles.

For some inspiration, check out what other projects have done $1,000 grants from Sprout:

Pop des Fleurs

The fiber art outreach project Pop des Fleurs celebrated creative reuse and public art in Pittsburgh. The idea for a cold weather pop-up garden began as way to brighten the city during the winter and came to life by teaching the community how to make beautiful but durable flowers from yarn and other recycled materials. Flower-making workshops took place with overwhelming success at a variety of community locations and resulted in over 400 flowers for the 4 week pop-up installation at Arsenal Park.

Learn more about Pops de Fleurs

Beatty Street Bicycle Co-Op

More than a neighborhood bicycle repair shop, the Beatty Bike Co-op is an educational workshop in the East End of Pittsburgh where people can learn how to fix their own bikes. Volunteers staff the co-op each Saturday, providing free maintenance advice and assistance as people work on their bikes. And for neighbors that are in need of a bike of their own, the co-op provides the opportunity to volunteer and build sweat equity to “purchase” a donated bicycle.

Check out the Beatty Street Bicycle Co-op on Facebook

Less Than 100 Shop

Coinciding with National Equal Pay Day, a pop-up shop with an unusual pricing approach opened in Pittsburgh on April 14, 2015. The Less Than 100 shop promoted gender wage parity by implementing a “pay what you’re paid” pricing model that reflects the gender wage gap in Pennsylvania, charging men full price and women 76% of the price of all items in the shop. The shop was open for one month and featured work from women artists and makers from across the US, including Pittsburgh artists, authors, photographers, and even a local beekeeper.

Learn more about Less Than 100

Steel City Folk School

The Steel City Folk School’s Inaugural Day of Learning in June 2015 was a testament to the value of informal learning in a community setting. The project featured 10 half day and full day craft and social justice courses at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, covering topics such as Drawing the Urban Landscape, Practical Tile Installation, and Easy Food Preservation at Home. Thanks to the Pittsburgh-based artisans and educators that volunteered to lead the courses, participants were able step away from their daily lives in order to immerse themselves in a learning community.

Check out upcoming classes

No idea is too big (or too small) to be Grand! Let us help you make yours a reality with a $1,000 Seed Award. Apply by Friday, December 4th at 5pm!