One northside doorhangersTo support the community agenda for the revitalization of Pittsburgh’s Northside, The Sprout Fund’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor program provides immediate support for small-scale projects that have broad support. Individuals and organizations receive $1,000 grants through support from The Buhl Foundation to catalyze innovative community projects that contribute to the One Northside vision.

After a thorough review, The Sprout Fund is pleased to announce the final 7 of 48 total projects that will receive $1,000 Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants. As part of their proposals, applicants wrote the headlines that appear below as examples of what the news will say at the successful conclusion of their projects.

Building Bridges

“’Building Bridges’ reconnects Deutschtown’s storied past with its vibrant future”

Ruth Dailey’s quality of place project will decorate the chain-link fences on the bridges that span the highways throughout Deutschtown, often dividing the neighborhood. Replicas of iconic Deutschtown buildings created by local artist Oreen Cohen from painted steel cut-outs will visually reconnect the neighborhood while also celebrating the area’s history. The pilot project will begin with the Tripoli Street Bridge that crosses I-279 and is intended to be replicated on the various bridges throughout Deutschtown.

Cedar Arts Market Series II

“Cedar Arts 2nd year at the Allegheny Commons Flea Market grows with music, food, and some DIY with Neighbors.”

Lauren Stauffer’s quality of place project will promote an arts and crafts component of the weekly Allegheny Commons Flea Market. In its second year at the flea market, Cedar Arts plans to gain momentum by bringing additional annual events and expanding marketing initiatives to include more community involvement through direct delivery of materials to targeted areas by volunteers and community groups. Furthermore, Veg Fest will be added as a fourth partner to help foster more community events.

DRAW Pittsburgh

“The Northside Draws (pun intended) Creative Community Together”

Sara Beck Sweeney’s quality of place project will provide a regular gathering of professional and amateur artists to draw and socialize on the Northside. The events will take place twice a month, with live model drawing occurring once a month at The New Bohemian and other creative drawing occurring once a month at Arnold’s Tea House. Funding will be used to secure the event venues for June-August in addition to advertising the events and paying the model.

Heathside Cottage Victorian Garden Party

“Time Traveling in Fineview”

Greg Manley’s quality of place project will be comprised of an afternoon and evening of local history, traditional foods, storytelling, song, and dance at Heathside Cottage, a historic landmark in Fineview. This event will provide people with the opportunity to witness history coming to life and all residents of the neighborhood will be encouraged to attend. It is the hope of the owner to use this public pilot to fulfill the historic location’s potential to become a community gathering place that is regularly utilized as a cultural resource.

North Side Sound System

“New service through Troy Hill Citizens Inc. provides live sound and projection equipment for North Side residents”

Tim Vernon’s quality of place project will make high quality sound and projection equipment available to community groups, organizations, and residents in Troy Hill and the surrounding North Side area. This equipment will enable residents to access and rent affordable equipment to host live events such as fundraisers, block parties, and speaking events. Troy Hill Citizens Inc. will own the equipment and all proceeds from rentals will go directly toward hosting more cultural and entertainment events.

Northside Apprenticeship Program

“Northside Residents Learn About Apprenticeship Programs”

Ginger Underwood’s quality of employment project will involve community outreach to educate Northside residents about the skilled building trades apprenticeship programs that are available. The program will additionally facilitate a “Math for Union Trades” class and case management for interested residents. The kickoff event will showcase speakers from the building trades and there will be a special, although not exclusive, focus on targeting minorities and women through this outreach in order to help bring diversity to the apprenticeship programs.

Tea on Me

“’Tea On Me’ sessions present a cure to the economic deficiencies in our community, using tea as a vehicle”

LaToya Williams’ quality of place project will enable community members to identify change leaders by facilitating interactive programming with culturally relevant artists and a holistic approach. “Tea on Me” will showcase regional small business owners using podcasts and blogging in order to help expand the brands to a wider audience. This project aims to keep dollars local while highlighting the talent and services available in order to increase commerce. The sessions will take place in Arnold’s Tea, a Northside business owned by a minority woman, a prime example of the type of business that the project would like to showcase.