Recent Seed Award project, For the Birds is taking flight this weekend at the National Aviary. The all-ages visual symphony has two performances coming up, first on Sunday, May 4th and then on Sunday, May 11th, bringing its fascinating imagery to life with the Aviary’s birds as an integral part of the production.

“This performance is a completely unique experience that integrates trained birds from the National Aviary with stunning video, live music, dance, and abstract puppetry,” explain the directors, Daniel Allende and Tucker Marder, both from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art.

“The birds become part of the creative process – they will conduct music through their motions, interact with dancers and puppets, and oversee our stage: highlighting the surreal environment, altering our human perspective, and setting performers on level footing with their avian counterparts.”

Performances are scheduled for Sunday, May 4th and Sunday, May 11th at 6pm. Admission is available at the door for $10, but space limited to 120 seats per show. Show up at 5pm to explore the nation’s premier bird museum.

For the Birds coincides with National Migratory Bird Day at the National Aviary.

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