Seed Award-winning project We Are Here is looking for a few more “Third Places” to profile and map. If you know of a great community gathering space, a home away from home where you can go to work, collaborate and meet new people, submit it as a Third Place to the We Are Here directory.

We Are Here is a project to connect these important spaces through an online map and colorful wayfinding signs to help lead people from one Third Place to another. By guiding people to a Third Place in a nearby neighborhood, We Are Here is designed to lead strangers to a place where they are welcomed as friends and invited to be a part of the community. Places like 720 Music, Clothing & Cafe on Butler Street, downtown’s Market Square and Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle in the Strip District. Check out photos from some of those Third Places here.

Due to the very nature of the project, We Are Here relies on community submissions of locations, the places you love to go and meet up. If you know of a great Third Place in your neighborhood, please submit it to