We’ve spent the past few weeks looking back at some of the amazing, memorable projects that we’ve helped bring to life throughout 2013, and as the new year begins, we’re excited not only for the projects to come in 2014, but those that will last and grow as they continue to develop in the future. One of those projects that has the potential to become a lasting cultural asset for our region is the Art Lending Collection at the Braddock Carnegie Library.

Art Lending Collection at Braddock Carnegie Library

Through a partnership with the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Braddock-based arts collective Transformazium brought Pittsburgh’s first art lending collective to the Braddock Carnegie Library in the fall of 2013. Now, anyone with an Allegheny County Library Card can browse and “check out” pieces of artwork from both regional and international artists featured in the 2013 Carnegie International to enjoy in their homes like a book or a DVD. Sculpture, paintings, silkscreens, photography—the Library has it all.

BTN-Art-Lending“It was kind of magical to see these artworks all together. It became a really important formative way for me to think about art,” said Ruthie Stringer, who along with Dana Bishop-Root and Leslie Stem make up the Braddock-based art collective Transformazium. The group focuses on making art at the intersection of activism, agriculture and education. Originally founded in Brooklyn, the trio moved to Braddock in 2007 and now represent the first local artists to appear in the Carnegie International since 1967.

With artist talks and educational programs, the Art Lending Collection works to open a discourse about art with Pittsburgh, nourishing the vibrancy of the city’s arts community and fostering the transformative and transgressive interaction of individuals, artists, artworks and the world. The Art Lending Collection received a $10,000 Seed Award as well as grants from the Heinz Endowments and the Carnegie Museum of Art to help bring world-class art to the public in a personal way.

Art Lending Collection at Braddock Carnegie Library

By supporting projects like The Art Lending Collection, Sprout is helping transform Pittsburgh into a city known for its unique and contemporary cultural community, its pioneering efforts in civic and community engagement, its rich and supportive learning environment for children and youth, and its enviable quality of life.

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