Grand Ideas Infographic, Day 10Over the past twelve years we’ve awarded grants large and small to all sorts of great thinkers, makers and doers around the Pittsburgh region, but it’s especially amazing what people can do with just $1,000. And that’s why we’re hosting a round of $1,000 Seed Award, to bring your Grand Ideas to life!

Applicants are encouraged to use this opportunity to try out creative ideas that raise awareness about innovative new community projects, events, and activities; engage people in taking an active role in the civic life of their community; and provide opportunities for motivated community members to assume leadership roles.

So if you’ve got an idea that needs a grand to get off the ground, here’s your chance.Get started by downloading an application.

Proposals are due by 5pm on Friday, November 1st.

While we’re counting down to the deadline, we thought we would show off some of our favorite $1,000 projects from the last few years, so check back here every day to see them as we reveal each one on the infographic below!

Project #1: Skinny Building

The Skinny Building

Skinny Building, a project of Ground Zero, was a rotating art installation in what may be the world’s thinnest building, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. On the corner of Forbes Avenue and Wood Street, the 6’x60’, three-story building once housed a deli counter on its first floor, but the art project took over the windows in its diminutive second and third stories, filling the empty panels with works of alternative art and promotions for cultural events. The building has since been sold to the URA (who plan to use the building as an art venue as well), with the Post-Gazette article announcing the sale referring to the decade-old Sprout-funded project.

Apply for a $1,000 Seed Award and make your Grand Idea a reality. Proposals are due on Friday, November 1st at 5pm. If you have any questions about the opportunity, email or call 412-325-0646.