Hosted by video artist Sara McCool, Front Street is anything but shy about divisive issues. Recorded in front of a live audience in the comfort of McCool’s apartment, guests discuss their personal experience with the confounding realities of racial humor, political artwork, gentrification, and more, all from the comfort of an overstuffed pink couch.

Artist Sara McCool’s internet talk show, Front Street will be kicking off a new four episode series starting Thursday, February, 21st. The show profiles local Pittsburgh artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders and addresses issues that affect the Pittsburgh Community.  The first episode of the series will be available on Youtube, Thursday, February, 21st  at 8PM EST. McCool has been working on Front Street since she moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago in 2012. Past guests include Justin Strong, Nina Barbuto, Ayanah Moor and Davon Magwood, among others. McCool hopes the show will highlight the vibrant artistic and activist communities in Pittsburgh, as well as, create deeper discussions on topics of importance to the area.

Tune your internet to Front Street’s Youtube channel for these upcoming episodes:

Thursday, February 21 – Your Computer Doesn’t Love You

Guests: Jeremy Hedges, NTMTO Board Administrator, and Olivier Bau, Researcher with Disney Research and the Interaction Group.

 Thursday, March 7 – College Kids are Terrible

Guests: John M. Wilds, Ph.D from the University of Pittsburgh Community Outreach Partnership and Dave Panasiuk, Chairman of the Oakcliffe Housing Club, discussing the changing neighborhood of South Oakland.

 Thursday, March 21 – Is Fat a Feminist Issue?

Guests: Artist Lizzy DeVita and Addi Twigg creator of the Add it Up Podcast.

Thursday, April 4 -The Importance of Identity Based Advocacy Groups

Guests: Heather Manning, Advisory Board Member of It’s a Natural Thang.

For more information, contact Sara McCool at