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How Disney’s Club Penguin Became the Biggest Social Network for Kids

A Disney site that blends education with gaming and networking has over 150 million profiles, making it the most surprisingly successful kids’s social networking site of all time. (

Facebook Aims to Prevent Suicide

A new feature on Facebook allows users who express suicidal thoughts to instantly connect to a crisis counselor. The innovative service could save the lives of cyber-bullied children and troubled adults alike. (

Why Are the Rich So Interested in Public-School Reform?

The quality of our nation’s public schools has long been a point of interest and involvement for the financial elite. With the Occupy movement challenging the way we look at the economic gap, will the 1% change their tune and adapt their strategies for education reform? (

College Kid’s Initiative Inspires Students To Go Paperless, Catches Google’s Eye

One student’s paperless learning strategy has turned him into the poster-boy of digital learning. Dubbed the “iSchool Initiative” some are saying that college student Travis Allen’s learning strategy will redefine the way we look at traditional classroom tools. (

Go Go Kiddo Launches Mobile App for Kindle Fire

A new mobile app for Kindle Fire and other Android devices provides a digital playground for kids 2-5. The app enables learning through play by teaching kids about letters, numbers and music through digital gaming. (

Which Tech Toys Do Kids Want for the Holidays? [VIDEO]

What digital toys are children asking for most this holiday season? The answers have parents clutching their wallets in dismay. (