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Leftover Political Residue in Virtual Schooling?

Ian Quillen reports on his impressions of the Virtual School Symposium in Indianapolis and explains why he is wary of virtual education’s increasing politicization as it moves towards the mainstream. (

Stack the States App Teaches Kids Geography

This new Tetris-inspired game keeps children entertained while they learn about US states. Download this app if you need a more exciting way to tutor your children in US geography from home. (

The Critical Juncture in Children’s Mobile Media

Educational software developers are creating more learning apps for children than ever before. Yet at $.99 an app, our current system of purchasing and distributing these apps is unsustainable. Daniel Donahoo suggests a reevaluation of how we do digital business. (

Lego’s Life of George Takes Building to the Smartphone

This new game from lego uses classic bricks with a new tech twist. Use this game to help your young children increase their fine motor skills and spatial awareness and rediscover your love for the traditional toy. (

Kids and technology: The new rules of online safety

Children are spending more of their time online than ever before. Scott Steinberg explains the grave mistake we’re making by leaving our children unprepared for a life in the wireless world. (

Scratching that (Incessant) Technology Itch

Tech experts discuss how we’ve become obsessive with our digital toys and offer ideas on how to unplug. (