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Kindergartners Blend E-Learning, Face-to-Face Instruction

One Los Angeles charter school plans to expand computer-based instruction after positive results in their kindergarten classroom. (

STEM to STEAM: The Importance of Arts in Science

Rebecca Angel explains why adding an “A” for “Arts” to the traditional STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) grouping can help provide students with the creativity necessary to become future innovators. (

MindCross Training Offers Free Cyberbullying Primer Course

This free online course can help parents and educators recognize and respond to online bullying.(

How to Get Your Underage Kid on Facebook: Just Lie!

A new study finds that most of the millions of underage children on Facebook got there with the help of their parents. (

New Survey Reveals That Two-Thirds of Kindergarten Teachers Say: “Children Are Not Adequatel Prepared for School”

Most Kindergarten teachers agree that the majority of children arrive to school unprepared and reveal strategies for making sure your child is ready. (

GameChanger: a Game-Changing iPad Game Board

This new iPad dock gives family game night a tech boost. (