Pgh Maker Faire

Sunday, October 23, 2011 the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire will take place at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Mini Maker Faires are community driven events that focus on creative construction. With a DIY spirit, Mini Maker Faires bring together crafters, designers, artists, and innovators, all in the name of discovery and creation. Here is what the event’s website had to say about what you can expect:

“This is the first year of the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire and while there’s a lot we will discover, we do know the Faire will be a family-friendly event that will feature both established and emerging local “makers.” It will feature rockets and robots, DIY science and technology, urban farming and sustainability, alternative energy, bicycles, unique hand-made crafts, music and food, and educational workshops and installations.”

The event would be a great place for children who love hands-on projects, parents and teachers looking for some inspiration on learning through design, or even just adults who like to learn, tinker, and create. The Faire will include over 70 presenters including the Spark-funded MEmote Robot Project. For the full list of presenters, click here.

Tickets include admission to the Children’s Museum. Click here to buy tickets to the event. We hope to see you there!

Plus, the next day, Monday, October 24, 2011, all are welcome to attend Growing Communities of Makers: A Conversation with Dale Dougherty. Dale is the founder and general manager of Maker Media & MAKE Magazine. He will discuss how the Maker movement has brought the world of basement workshops and amateur tinkering into the digital age and offer ideas for growing the community of Makers here in Pittsburgh!