We’ve just received some great news from our friends at Ready Freddy. The interactive book “Ready Freddy Goes to School” will be available online later this month! Currently, the folks at Ready Freddy are tweaking the final project and addressing feedback they recently received from preschoolers at Miller Elementary School. They will also be previewing the book and getting feedback from pre-k classrooms at Weil and several child care centers later this week.

The finished book will be found on their website www.readyfreddy.org in late June. The book takes children through the process of getting ready for school and shows them what their first day might be like. This is great news for anyone with a child entering kindergarten this year who might need some help making the transition to formal schooling.

In the meantime, parents and educators can visit the site for information about Kindergarten transition and a preview of the Ready Freddy song that is featured in the book. Hip Hop and Spanish versions of the song will also be ready next week.

Not familiar with Ready Freddy? The program strives to increase on-time kindergarten enrollment by reaching out to communities, increasing parental awareness, and providing tools to make the transition an easy and fun one for children and parents. Learn more about Ready Freddy by visiting their website www.readyfreddy.org and stay tuned for more updates from this and our other currently funded projects!