Saturday Light Brigade at The Children's Museum

Three recently supported Micro Spark projects will be featured on The Saturday Light Brigade this Saturday, June 12 at 9am.

SLB host and previously funded Micro Spark project manager Larry Berger will get the background story on new Micro Spark projects in interviews with these project managers :

  • Dave Edwards from Art Energy Design whose Curious Creatures offer a hands-on introduction to science and technology through small, playful creature companions such as crickets, mice, and fireflies that each demonstrate a fundamental mechanical principle.
  • Ian Ingram who is leading Walks in the Parks with Robotic Creatures to teach young children about plant and animal behavior in the natural world.
  • Robot Algebra from The Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania tasks groups of young girls with teachinga choreographed dance routine to a robot.

The Saturday Light Brigade uses radio and audio to encourage, amplify, share and archive the ideas, stories, and feelings of children, youth and families. What a perfect match for your Spark project! Locally, SLB is broadcast on 88.3 WRCT FM.

Thanks to Larry and Jeff and everyone else at SLB for welcoming Sprout on the air!

Tune in to Saturday Light Brigade 6am to 12pm every Saturday.