Sprout Standard Forms and Templates

Application Attachments for Download

All of Sprout’s catalytic funding programs share common eligibility criteria and supporting document templates.  Please review Sprout’s eligibility criteria here before beginning your application.  Refer to individual opportunity pages for criteria, deadlines, and additional specific requirements.

Download the Application Questions and required Attachment Templates here:


Please use The Sprout Fund Catalytic Funding Budget Template to detail the revenues and expenses for the project.

Revenues should include all earned income, other contributions, and value of in-kind support. In-kind support is the dollar value of donated materials, services, and/or time and should be off-set by equivalent expenses. Expenses should include a complete summary of costs necessary to make your project happen. Note the status of any revenues as secured, pending, or requested and the amount of Sprout support that would go toward particular expenses. In a properly formatted Sprout project budget, expenses and revenues should match – your budget should be balanced.

If, after providing your budget in the required spreadsheet, you believe that it is not a sufficient representation of your project’s revenues and expenses, you may email another document with additional details.


Please use The Sprout Fund Catalytic Funding Timeline Template to create a document that notes the specific activities described in both your implementation and promotion plans and when they will take place.


Please use The Sprout Fund Catalytic Funding References Template to give the complete contact information for 2-3 professional references that can address your relevant project experience. References may not be active members of the project team, board, or staff.

Supporting Materials (Optional)

You may submit up to three (3) letter size printable pages of supporting materials that are relevant to your proposed project. Examples of acceptable materials include images/photographs; drawings, diagrams, or plans; media stories/press clippings; and formal letters of support. Electronic image files should not exceed 2 MB in size. You may also submit up to three (3) video links that are relevant to your proposed project.