TechGYRLS are math and science adventurers who learn about STEM career paths firsthand from engineers, CEOs, and researchers. TechGYRLS have explored the wonders of biological engineering in a mobile lab, creating biodegradable artery stent to aid the healing process of ruptured or damaged veins and arteries. As competitors in WQED’s Design Squad Competition, TechGYRLS have tested their “Paddle Power,” as they constructed a paddle boat out of cardboard, aluminum foil, and sticks. They have practiced circuit building and fingerprint lifting. They have spent hours with mentors who have walked them through the engineering design process from start to finish.

One TechGYRL participant, Tafani, said that TechGYRLS allowed her to discover what she’s capable of: “It really gives us a chance to see how we can think and collaborate outside of just everyday social skills. This program empowers girls by letting us know that we can create the same things as boys. I know that I myself have grown in confidence knowing that I can design and create many new things if I just think about them.”

Interested in mentoring, or have a daughter who could benefit from TechGYRLS? The program is always seeking mentors who have backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to share their expertise or information about their profession. Parents can enroll their daughters in the program if they are attending one of the participating schools. Contact the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh to learn more.