Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Youth Media Program encourages kids to find their own voice and express themselves in media. The program teaches students the basics of a wide range of media including digital video, filmmaking, photography, animation and interactive media. Students learn about the history of film and photography, and are exposed to experimental and foreign films to break them out of the “Hollywood bubble.” Through this comprehensive education, students learn to be active and discerning consumers as well as creators of media. Past projects include students writing and taking picture to create a photo narrative and students in various schools making documentaries about issues that are of concern to them and their community.

Their seasonal programs involve innovative classes and hands-on workshops. Pittsburgh Filmmakers introduces children to a wide range of technology including iPads, new animation and video editing software, SLR and point-and-shoot digital cameras, super 8 cameras, and a dark room to scan and print negatives from camera film. You can find out about upcoming classes and workshops at the Youth Media Program website.