Neighborhood Voices is an online platform where Saturday Light Brigade uploads and archives their radio broadcasts which feature youth media and journalism, oral histories, storytellers, radio documentaries, interviews with community-based, poetry and fiction readings, and musical performances among other features. The Neighborhood Voices website allows instant streaming, downloading and commenting on stories and contains approximately 10,000 audio assets as well as thousands of participant photos. Virtually all content from SLB educational programs and projects, and The Saturday Light Brigade radio program, is made available via the site.

The website was launched as an extension of SLB’s 35-year tradition of amplifying, archiving and sharing authentic voices of children and youth—first through radio alone and now through new technologies such as Neighborhood Voices. Using radio as a medium to feature these individuals, communities, and projects stresses the use of fundamental language and communications skills as well as imagination, creating a sense of individual engagement that is similar to face to face conversation with another human being. What ideas, thoughts and feelings are on the minds of children and youth today? Visit Neighborhood Voices ( and hear what the young people of our region have to say.