Invent-abling was born from Deren Guler’s dissatisfaction with the project tool kits for engineering and robotics she saw available. All of these kits were marketed towards young boys, and they all contained sets of material for a handful of very specific projects. Guler wanted to change that. She decided she would create a kit friendly to both boys and girls with a variety of tools and materials designed to pique children’s curiosity and creativity. While her kit would include a project booklet with suggestions to get kids started, it would also focus on empowering kids to invent and explore more by emphasizing their ability to simply play with the kit’s contents. To reflect this goal, Guler called her new kit Invent-abling.

 Guler refined Invent-abling through a series of workshops with Gwen’s Girls at Assemble, a community space for arts and technology. Through the workshops she discovered through direct feedback what excited the girls and what didn’t. As Guler refines Invent-abling further she will continue to work exciting children, especially girls, about science and technology, teaching them they can practice these disciplines by letting them do it. News about Invent-abling workshops can be found at the Invent-abling website.