The tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle of seven flat shapes, called tans. Guided only by an outline or silhouette, the puzzle-solver must put together the tans to form a specific, contiguous shape, using all seven pieces without overlapping any.

Chances are, the puzzle was never intended to be solved with a steamroller. But that doesn’t mean the MITCH Collective can’t use one to make some tangram-inspired art.

The Martins Ferry, Ohio, arts collective is soliciting schools, artists, and other organizations in the Ohio River Valley to make designs, which MITCH will carve into wooden blocks. Then, at the Martins Ferry Picnic in the Park on June 8 and the Wheeling Arts Fest on June 22, participants will fit the blocks together into giant tangrams. After inking the wood blocks, MITCH will fire up the steamroller to print the designs.

The Insta-tangrams will be on display at the MITCH Collective gallery space and around Martins Ferry, Ohio.

To get involved, visit the website to register for free teacher information sessions or to volunteer your help with the event. Artists can also download a tangram design template, and their designs will be etched into wood and displayed with the Insta-tangram prints.