Part of the South Hills Interfaith Ministries Refugee Youth Mentoring Program, the Global Voices Youth Film Project brings instructors from Pittsburgh Filmmakers into kids’ communities to teach hands-on lessons in creating a movie. Students learn how to use a camera and equipment, how to utilize various filming techniques, and how to use editing software to make a high quality film.

Students then use their new videography skills to create short films which tell the story of their experiences as refugees in Pittsburgh. These films are shown in the community to educate their neighbors about their lives, who they are and why they are here. The Refugee Youth Mentoring program is designed to foster the academic and emotional development of middle school and high school refugee students, serving about 60 students in the Baldwin-Whitehall area of the South Hills. Students involved were all born in other countries and spent many years in refugee camps in places like Nepal, Thailand, Tanzania, Liberia, and more. The mentors lead weekly group activities (including craft projects, cooking lessons, and team-building games) and facilitate open discussion of issues important to the students. The program also organizes career workshops, community service projects, and field trips for our students.