Uniquely positioned to take on the world of producing and consuming both edibles and artwork, Digital Salad is an ambitious collaboration and labor of love for three local innovators and community contributors: Urban chef and one of the contributors, Kate Romane, is Executive Chef at Highland Park’s critically-acclaimed restaurant, E2; Tara Rockacy is the group’s local farmer from Churchview Farm; and, Heather Mallak is the group’s resident Media Artist and Creative Director. Together, they form the area’s innovative approach to mixed media, using food, art, and digital documentation.

Currently in residence at a number of local institutions, including Winchester Thurston, a local private school with campuses in both the North Hills, where the setting is rural, and in Pittsburgh’s urban East End, the group is enjoying tremendous success on a number of germinating projects. Recently, E2 hosted the reception, where fruits of the Winchester Thurston students’ labor were exhibited. Students from the city campus visited Churchview Farm and E2 then documented their experiences digitally, resulting in visual collages and mixed media that were displayed for the public to view.

Touting sayings like “off the farm and into learning spaces” or  “farm to table to pixels”, Digital Salad strives to mix “art-making, technology, and farm education to produce interactive and edible learning experiences for schools, community spaces, and neighborhoods”.  According to resident Media Artist, Heather Mallak, the principals and contributors at Digital Salad are still trying to “wrap their brains” around the potential for the group and determine the vast demographic that can benefit from interaction with such an organization. Thus far, the possibilities seem endless as feedback has been positive and students involved in the program have really taken it and run with ideas and inspiration.

For more information on Digital Salad and how they might be a fit for your organization, visit www.digitalsalad.org.