A student conjures an imaginary circus where lions leap through hoops, men juggle, and a dancer bejeweled in a bright blue dress balances on a pony. The student is learning the creative elements of storytelling while programming his first animated movie. He is using Alice 3, one of the many teaching tools available to students and teachers on the Computer Science Network that let students design, create, and animate their own stories and messages. In Alice, students populate a virtual world with 3D objects, which they can animate by programming their actions.

On CS2N, students become novice designers, programmers, and webmasters. They learn how websites are made, and how to dissect and modify websites in order to see what’s underneath it all. They can program robots to communicate and learn how to calculate their movements. They can create games and virtual worlds.  As users play and compete, they earn badges that show off the skills they’ve mastered, allowing them to track their progress.

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