In Sue Mellon’s 8th grade Language Arts class, the poetry unit culminates not with a final report but with handmade robots.  In a lesson called “Poetry in Motion,” two of her students brought to life John Keats’ poem, “The Human Seasons,” with an Arts & Bots project. As a recording of the poem plays, a motorized character travels through the “seasons,” a cardboard box partitioned into four scenes, each scene illuminated by an LED light. The students are learning not only how to analyze poetry; they are discovering how to fuse creativity with technology.

And that’s the goal of Arts & Bots—as students engage in creative lessons building and programming robots, their excitement grows for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Both teachers and students gain; Arts & Bots encourages greater creativity in curricula design as much as it pushes students to unearth their creative and technical potential.

Teachers in social studies, chemistry, and language arts classes have integrated Hummingbird Robotics Kits into their classrooms. Hummingbird Kits are publicly available and distributed through CMU spin-off BirdBrain Technologies.