Mission, Vision, Outcomes, Values & Guiding Principles, Audiences

To guide the work of the Pittsburgh Remake Learning Network, The Sprout Fund led a process in 2011 to define a Mission statement describing the concept and purpose of the network, an aspirational Vision for the contribution Remake Learning will make to the greater Pittsburgh region over the next five years, Outcomes that will be collectively produced for the community over the long term, the Values & Guiding Principles that steward the network”s actions, and descriptions of the Audiences served by the network.


Remake Learning is a network of innovators and organizations empowering children and youth by creating relevant learning opportunities through the compelling use of technology, media, and the arts.


Pittsburgh is a living learning community- alive with creativity and opportunity!

It is a region that nurtures and celebrates creative thinking, curiosity, and exploration in all children. By combining Digital Media and Learning (DML) and the ethos of the DIY “maker culture” Pittsburgh has developed a 21st century model of creativity, collaboration, and community. Through the creative use of technology, media, and the arts, we delight, enrich, and inspire children and youth to play, learn, and grow in the digital age.

In the next five years, the Remake Learning Network will continue to draw on the greater Pittsburgh region”s innovators, organizations, and artists to become a community where children, parents, and teachers can easily access remarkable experiences and high-quality products that foster creative learning and play- both in and out of school.

In Pittsburgh, a nationally recognized model for learning encourages children of all ages to discover their passions and invent their brightest future. Through projects and activities, Remake Learning develops innovative opportunities to empower youth and magnify their intuitive abilities to examine, question, create, and reshape the world.


Remake Learning is transforming the learning landscape in Pittsburgh and positioning the region as a national leader in subjects relating to creativity and innovation in the lives of children and youth. Over time, the impact of our work will result in two lasting long-term outcomes:

The Pittsburgh Region provides all children & youth with the best available opportunities to learn and be creative.

Through its collaborative and networked approach, Remake Learning supports learning innovators and organizations to enable them to create more relevant and imaginative learning opportunities that make compelling use of technology, media, and the arts.

Pittsburgh is at the leading edge of a national movement advancing learning, digital media, technology, and creativity for children & youth.

As Remake Learning network members work to provide more families with greater awareness of and access to remarkable learning experiences, Pittsburgh will be recognized as a model for 21st century learning.

Values & Guiding Principles

Remake Learning embodies the following values in all its work. These values were arrived at by summarizing the qualities assigned to the work of Remake Learning, as described by Network members themselves.

Remake Learning serves the community by being…

  • Creative & Innovative: We support inventive solutions and imaginative approaches to learning.
  • Collaborative & Cooperative: We work in multidisciplinary teams in mutual support of shared goals and objectives.
  • Equitable, Accessible & Open: We promote the productive exchange of ideas and opportunities for all.
  • Nurturing & Child-Focused: We foster the growth and development of its participants- kids and adults alike.
  • Experimental, Catalytic & Transformative: We test promising new ideas with the power to advance learning.
  • Relevant, Engaging & Impactful: We offer enriching experiences attuned to the needs and potential of children and youth.
  • Fluid & Organic: We respond to the ever-changing needs of children and youth.
  • Fun & Charismatic: We are encouraging, exciting, convivial, and inspiring…in a word: FUN!

Target Audiences

The success and lasting impact of Remake Learning depends on the participation, engagement, and cooperation of two distinct audiences: (1) children, youth, and families and (2) the people, projects, and organizations that are our region”s learning innovators.

Children, youth and families include kids and adolescents aged 18 and younger, as well as their families and caregivers. Remake Learning strives to be open and accessible to all children and youth in the Pittsburgh region.

The Remake Learning Network includes educators, technologists, media producers, researchers, grantmakers, entrepreneurs, cultural leaders, and other youth-minded professions, in addition to active parents and, importantly, the children themselves. The network is open to all who strive to make Pittsburgh the “best place on Earth to be a kid.”

Each side is equally important; one group cannot make sustainable gains without the other. Leading network intermediaries serve to increase the collaboration between and effectiveness of the many individuals and organizations working to better the lives of children and youth though innovative learning practices.