Learning Together

A Decade of Collaboration and Innovation Across Greater Pittsburgh and West Virginia

In 2007, a small group of educators, researchers, and community leaders started meeting over pancake breakfasts to exchange ideas about the future of teaching and learning. Inspired by the opportunities and galvanized by the challenges facing young people in our rapidly changing society, they set out an journey to create a new model for education in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Over the past decade, this work grew and evolved to become Remake Learning. To mark this milestone, Remake Learning produced Learning Together, a report on the impact Remake Learning has made during its first decade. Filled with examples of learning remade and measurements of Remake Learning’s reach, engagement, and influence, the report includes notable facts and figures such as:

  • Connecting more than 500 organizations into a collaborative network
  • Training more than 5,300 educators in new and innovative teaching methods
  • Establishing more than 170 makerspaces for hands-on learning
  • Engaging more than 53,000 people in the annual Remake Learning Days celebration
  • Attracting more than $70 million in philanthropic support for local learning innovation

Since its formation in 2007, the community of educators and innovators known as Remake Learning has made a tangible impact on the the greater Pittsburgh region. Learners have more opportunities than ever to pursue their interests along new learning pathways. Educators have more support to become learners themselves and continually improve their practice. Communities are enriched through more engagement and investment in their local learning assets. Network members are learning from the world and the world is learning from network members. To celebrate our first decade of work together, we’re sharing stories of Remake Learning’s impact.

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