By Von Wise

Modern technology and the power of the internet affords us new frontiers of development, especially when it comes to information-sharing. Wikipedia is perhaps the best example of this kind of information growth, however, despite its immense size, Wikipedia is far from complete, especially when it comes to the representation of women.

Wikipedia editors working on articles about women in the arts at Frick Fine ArtsAlexandra Oliver joined the effort to correct this imbalance with the latest Art+Feminisim Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in Pittsburgh, an event dedicated to adding and expanding articles addressing women’s contributions to the arts. The Frick Fine Arts building on Pitt’s campus in Oakland hosted the event with the help of librarians on hand to help retrieve sources and Wiki editing experts to help participants create accounts and publish on the platform.

“Art + Feminism edit-a-thons focus on women in the arts. Recognizing women’s achievements in every field is important. Without them, history remains fundamentally incomplete.”
—Alexandra Oliver to Sampsonia Way

The event featured a diverse group of special guests with technical and subject expertise such as Pat Ulbrich, professor emerita of sociology at Pitt, and the founder of InSisterhood, an extensive oral history and research project on the women’s movement in Pennsylvania. With these kinds of recourses at hand, it isn’t difficult to help make change happen. That is was makes this event such a compelling idea.

The concept is simple, but the effect is powerful: use technology to give the public a “more accurate and gender-equal resource.”