The Remake Learning Network is excited to unveil a shared set of competencies for learning in-school, out-of-school, and on-line. In conjunction with the creation of Pittsburgh City of Learning, a city-wide digital badge and experience discovery platform launching this summer, these competencies will serve as the foundation for dozens of community partners as they create individual knowledge, skill, and disposition badges for their unique programs.

Over the past eight months, more than 100 local subject matter experts, informal and formal educators, youth workers, and program managers were engaged in working groups to develop the 103 competencies, which are organized into 7 centers of programmatic excellence within the Pittsburgh community: Career Readiness, Coding & Gaming, Design & Making, Media Making, Robotics, STEAM, and Early Childhood Education.

In addition to the competencies themselves, we also published detailed information and supporting materials for the methodology we used as a community to reach the results.

We hope that organizations in Pittsburgh and beyond will find these competencies useful building blocks when developing criteria for digital badges that recognize young people’s learning accomplishments both in and out of school.

This work was made possible through the generous support of the Henry L. Hillman Foundation Opportunity Fund and led by the staff of The Sprout Fund.