Recent Seed Award winner What What Why is a storytelling program that is looking for people to be a part of their performance storytelling workshops this spring!

What What Why’s performance storytelling workshop is designed to take you from story idea to stage in four weeks . If you’ve ever been jealous of an auto mechanic–s/he understand what makes cars go!–this workshop will help you assume the role of story mechanic: we won’t be rehabbing any Model Ts. Instead, we’ll be popping the hood on narrative.

The workshop will meet each Wednesday from April 16 through May 7, with a final performance to take your tale for a test ride on Wednesday, May 21. The workshop’s small size– six participants–will ensure that everyone gets the attention they need to fully develop their story. Each session will focus on essentials of narrative structure as well as writing exercises and feedback. And each week will spotlight a different guest storyteller, providing a taste of how different styles can compel an audience.

There are lots of ways and reasons to tell stories, but connecting with people is the mother reason of them all. At work, at school, with friends, with a partner, to connect means being able to tell a clear story.

Stories let us say what we mean in ways that stick. Come try your hand: send us an email with “workshop” in the subject line. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Get involved by signing up at and tell your story! In the meantime, be sure to check out What What Why’s programming on the site as well, collecting the stories of your neighbors and challenging the cliché that young and old have nothing in common.