by Nikki Pena

The 2013 Carnegie International might be coming to a close this weekend, but one of the programs it presented will keep going strong into the future. The Art Lending Collection at the Braddock Carnegie Library has been a hit, bustling with patrons borrowing artwork, from paintings to prints to sculptures–and now, even musical instruments.

People can take home one of two guitars with amplifiers donated by Hunter College in New York City.

“Facilitators and community members come up with ideas to keep the program going,” said Mary Carey, one of three facilitators who help people choose and check out items. “Musical instruments were the idea of the community, and we want to honor their ideas.”

A project of Braddock-based arts collective, Transformazium, the Art Lending Collection has been a runaway success. More than 90 people have checked out 355 works to date, and the number keeps growing. It is all part of Transformazium’s mission to “make libraries into more than just a place to check out books.”

“Transformazium’s use of that library and engagement was very much in line with what an institution can do both with art and the world,” Dan Byers, co-curator of the International, said on the International’s website.

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