More than 16,000 views and nearly 7,000 likes later, Sprout’s special funding round for Film & Video projects continues to generate energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the writers, directors, producers, actors, and others who make up Pittsburgh’s film and video community.

Hundreds of community members packed the house at the Melwood Screening Room last Monday, November 25th for the Competition Shorts Screening Party. More than 150 filmmakers, their supporters, and friends of Sprout enjoyed trailers and shorts from 16 of the 35 projects eligible for support. Following the screening, Sprout invited the public to visit where trailers for all 35 eligible projects are available for viewing, sharing, and liking.

After a week of voting, a quick look at the stats as of 2:00pm today gives an idea of how the community is showing their support. The top 5 most liked videos are Dot, Give Us a Chance: Pittsburgh Punk, Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?, Gas Rush Stories, and Fursonas. Anything can happen, though, as voting wraps up today. Anyone interested in supporting Pittsburgh’s film and video makers can visit until 10:00pm tonight and choose to watch and like any or all of the 35 projects.

Following the public voting period, jurors and community volunteers representing Pittsburgh’s film and video community will choose up to four projects to receive $10,000 grants from The Sprout Fund. Decisionmakers will consider likes as indicators of community support and as one of several factors in deciding which projects receive grants. Plus, popular videos that don’t receive grants will be eligible for small honoraria.

Visit and show your support for Pittsburgh’s film and video makers!