Intimate Science, a new exhibition of contemporary art, opens this weekend at The Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University.

[The exhibit] features artists who are engaged in non-disciplinary inquiry; they aren’t allied to the customs of any single field, and therefore have license to reach beyond conventions. This kind of practice hinges on up-close observation, experiential learning, and inventing new ways for the public to participate in the process.

Among exhibitors is the Center for PostNatural History, led by Pittsburgh’s Rich Pell, which investigates, catalogs, and exhibits plant and animal specimens that have been altered through human intervention.

Along with the gallery show, curator Andrea Grover and co-contributors have published New Art/Science Affinities, a book examining sixty contemporary artists who work at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

The book includes meditations, interviews, diagrams, letters and manifestos on maker culture, hacking, artist research, distributed creativity, and technological and speculative design. Chapters include Program Art or Be Programmed, Subvert!, Citizen Science, Artists in White Coats and Latex Gloves, The Maker Moment and The Overview Effect.

Intimate Science is great opportunity to experience the unexpected when art and science speak together. Don’t miss it!

Event Details

Regina Gouger Miller Gallery
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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Duration: Intimate Science runs January 21 thru March 4, 2012.