Advocacy Kit

You’ll need to recruit friends and allies to generate momentum for an all-out collaborative effort to remake learning in your community.

To help you get started, we’ve developed a simple advocacy kit you can use to make the case for learning innovation in your community by convincing your peers, colleagues, and leaders to join in a collaborative effort to remake learning. You can take a leading role in this important work by spurring your community to action.

The Remake Learning Advocacy Kit includes the following:

  • Slide Decks: Presentation slides that outline the current challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning, examples of how the Remake Learning Network is transforming education in Pittsburgh, and suggestions for how other communities can build on the Pittsburgh Model. Several slides include space for you to make your own notes and localize the content to your specific community needs and opportunities.
  • Talking Points: A presentation script elaborates on each slide to guide your remarks and give your audience a better understanding of how an approach like Remake Learning would be meaningful in your community. Talking points are saved in the presentation notes field for quick reference and also provided in editable documents. Both sets of talking points also include helpful tips called out by brackets.
  • Media Assets: A collection of photos, videos, and other materials you can show at presentations, or share with your colleagues. As visual evidence, these media assets help convey the impact of innovative learning in the lives of students and educators. Short videos feature testimonials from Pittsburgh, as well as footage of each Case Study, showcasing learning innovation in schools, museums, libraries, communities, and elsewhere.
  • Outreach Kit: A collection of materials to help you raise awareness of your efforts with local press and the general public. Press release and media advisory templates give you a starting point for announcing new efforts to remake learning in your community. Sample language and imagery for posting to popular social media outlets help you jumpstart the conversation about the need for more innovative learning in your community.

Custom Advocacy Kits (approx. 7 MB each) are available for download to reach specific target audiences, including: